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[ Tuesday  
March 2005:19pm




name: Dorothy    

age: 15

location: Eugene Oregon

destination: Your face... via my fist *punches hand*

sexual preferance: People

gender: Female

rad-o-meter:  17000! (more like -2)


10+ bands: Pierrot, X-japan,
Ben Kweller, Cube Juice, The dresden dolls, Malice Mizer, Metronome,
Pennicillin, Miyavi, Weezer, and TOY BOX! (they were close enough to

5+ movies: Tank Girl, Amelie, Suicide Club, Battle Royal, Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

5+ books: Confessions of a mask
- yukio mishima, in the miso soup - ryu murakami, something wicked this
way comes - ray bradbury, the lotr series jrr - tolkien, the dictionary
- webster

favorite tele-shows: The simpsons, family guy, arrested development... stuff?

idol/hero: Rickard (really awesome dragqueen)www.rickardengfors.com

i'd like to meet: Alot of people.

eye color: Hazel

favorite feature: Legs

least favorite feature: tummy

favorite quote: (well i cant
remeber my favorite quote right now so this will have to do) 
"'Lollipop, lollipop,' and everything's good and happy except you're
all going to die." - Ben Kweller

definition of [Dorothy]: FACE

favorite word: Face

favorite color: Pink and green

favorite subject: Art and Japanese

favorite store: Too many

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das comm is rahd [ Saturday  
March 2005:04pm


Tania or Tatiana
age: 15
location: Eugene, Oregon
destination: Milk store or Takuya Angel store, Tokyo, Japan
sexual preferance: whoever the hell I find attractive
gender: female, thank you very much
rad-o-meter: (low 1-10 high) 5?

10+ bands:
Weezer, MALICE MIZER, Dir en Grey, Kra, lab., Gullet, Pink Halleluja, X Japan, Mini Moni, Morning Musume, hide, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, BEN KWELLER, Blonde Readhead, Quasi, Hella, SMAP, Rammstein, Aqua, The Mars Volta, Ima Robot, Pink Floyd, Xiu Xiu, Hot Hot Heat, Guns N Roses, Steve Miller Band, Softcore, Rock N Roll Soldiers, Sunny Day Real estate, Dropkick Murpheys, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, They Might Be Giants, Nerf Hearder, The New Pornographers, Melt Banana, The planet The, CIBO MATTO, Shonen Knife, StopSignGo!, Belle and Sebastian, Queen, The Darkness, The The, Eve of Destiny, Bright Eyes, The Distillers, Prozzak, Shampoo, Placebo, T-Rex, Marilyn Manson, Daft Punk, Cherry Poppin Daddies, Aya Matsuura, Mastro3, Pocket face, Rammstein
5+ movies:Suicide Club, Donnie Darko, Nosferatu, Ringu, Gohatto, Bridal of Rose, Prison on Fire, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Village,
5+ books:The Sandman, Anything by neil gaiman, Coin Locker Babies, In the Miso Soup, 69, Ryu Murakami, Acts of Worship, Forbidden Colors, Yukio Mishima, Underground, Haruki Murakami, FRUITS. Paradise Kiss, Princess Ai, Gravitation, Gundam Wing, are abour all the Mangas i like
favorite tele-shows:even though Ive only seen it once, I think Hey Hey Hey rules~!
idol/hero: all and every crossdresser (female or male)
i'd like to meet: The designer from Takuya Angel or Mana
eye color: brown
favorite feature: hm.... my eyes?
least favorite feature: my legs
favorite quote: "if women can go out on the streets in a mini skirt and get noticed, why cant I?"
definition of [insert your name here]: retarded
favorite word: face
favorite color: hot hot HOT pink
favorite subject: computers
favorite store: Milk and Takuya Angel (thought I havent been to either)

politics in general:
very liberal
bush: needs to realize hes fucking up this country
kerry: wasnt the greatest, But I would have prefered him over bush any day
gay marriage: very much pro
the music industry: which one? the us music industry sucks. So does the Japanese one, but more indy (not indie) bands make it.
labels: I hate being labeled a fag
abortion: very much pro
teen pregnancy: it always makes me cry when I hear of teens getting pregnant
animal cruelty: not cool at all
self mutilation: bad. my friend was cutting, and so all my other friends and I did a sort of intervention.
body modifications: nothing bad about them

-*-this or that-*-
coke or pepsi:
boxers or briefs: boxers
CDs, mp3, or Vinyl: mp3
myspace or xanga: myspace
email or post: I really like regulair mail better, but email is just so much easiers
boys or girls: whichever I feel like today
emo or screamo: EMO
music or television: music
marx brothers or the three stooges: three stooges
love or lust: love

prote in 3+ places and give direct links

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-*-important comm info-*-
definition of rad:
comments about the community: w00t
why you should be a member: because I love lila....shes so coooooool

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=Stamped= [ Tuesday  
March 2005:02pm


Hey, i was wondering if i could co-mod and/or make graphics?

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das comm is rahd [ Monday  
March 2005:53pm


location:Bothell WA (just outside of seattle)
destination:San Francisco
sexual preferance: Bisexual
gender: female
rad-o-meter: 7
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